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Aluproff is now ‘Stilling’


From December 9th 2022, Aluproff has taken the name ‘Stilling’.

The heritage to our company dates back to 1949 when our founder, Preben Stilling, crafted his first venetian blind in the basement of his home. Made by hand and sold door-to-door at night, the venetian blind marked the beginning of decades worth of Danish craftmanship traditions. A heritage we work continuously to bring responsibly into the future.

The name Stilling is an integrated part of our history, as it is the family name of our founder, and has followed the company through three generations of ownership. But it is also a symbol of our responsibility towards the world we are part of, as the Danish word “stilling” also translates into “taking a stand” in English.

We take a stand for protecting the world and the communities we are part of, to the consequences of our presence, and to the general changes that are needed to ensure that we can leave positive footprints and create worthy living conditions for future generations. To ensure that we give back more than we take. We are ready to stand up for the choices we make. We have taken a stand.



The combination of classic Danish craftmanship and product development targeted inventive solutions from responsible materials has made us one of the leading companies within our field. A success we carry humbly and proudly, and which becomes a great responsibility too. A responsibility towards the people we are in touch with as well as the world we conduct business in. That is why the motto to our business strategy, Purposeful Growth, is people, planet, profit – in that order.


We have not changed ownership.
We have not introduced hidden fees.
We have not changed our products or services.

Stilling is a new packaging of all the things, we already do. Our new name does not change the fact that our core competence is making premium quality drapery hardware. Therefore, design, service and Danish craftmanship traditions are still the key to our company, and our customers are still our most important partners. And that will never change.


If you have questions to our new name, you are more than welcome to contact our customer service by phone at +45 4360 0063 or by e-mail at

 Rasmus Stilling-Schütz & Thomas Trads Hansen 

Shaped by heritage

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