The ZENITH™ blind

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The iconic ZENITH™ blind is a beautiful aluminum blind with a Nordic, harmonious design language. The unique design by a Danish architec is based on the basic shape of the slats, which makes all the components seamlessly come together.

The blind is available in 8 standard colours, where slats and hardware have the same colour, as well as in a further 47 slat colours, which can be freely matched with the 8 hardware colors for a unique and distinctive look.

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Download datasheet
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MATERIAL: Aluminium alloy HD-666 / HD-6011
OPERATION: Hand & Motor
EXT. DIMENSIONS: 32,00 x 41,80 mm (without slats)
SIZE: Op to 220 cm width/ height 300 cm
MAX. AREA: Op to 6 square metre
BRACKETS: ‘Click’ bracket / swivel bracket


25 MM SLAT: The Netherlands
35 MM SLAT: Sweden


All our 25 mm slats for the ZENITH™ blind are made from a minimum of 96% recycled aluminium, which is our highest proportion of recycled aluminum in any product. Our 35 mm slats are currently made of conventional aluminium.

Recycled aluminium


Conventional aluminium



The headrail for the ZENITH™ blind is currently produced in conventional aluminium, but will be converted from the next extruded batch to min. 75% recycled aluminum of the type Hydro CIRCAL®.

Recycled aluminium


Conventional aluminium


Do you prefer the 25 eller 35 mm slats? A 25 mm slat offers a streamlined look, while the wider 35 mm slat can become a more distinctive part of the interior. Create a personal ZENITH™ blind and choose freely between 57 different slat colors and 8 different head and bottom bar colours. All in the same great quality and all in the same price range. Additionally, all our 25 mm slats are produced in min 97% recycled aluminium.

The recognizable design of the ZENITH™ blind is not purely aesthetic; it also offers a high degree of functionality. The concave shape of the headrail is not only a tribute to the design of the slats, it also allows the slats to be pulled closer together when the blind is drawn. The cord lock, which is built flush with the front, gives a smooth sleek appearance, while allowing smoother operation from all angles.