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Go behind the curtains at the home of Majbrit Weidemann and experience how she has integrated exclusive ‘Palladium’ coloured curtain tracks from Stilling as an part of her interior.

With Elina-Maria in Bülow's Palæ

At the Garde Hvalsøe showroom

Tronhjem Rømer exhibition

On assignment with Sidsel Zachariassen

Visiting stylist Cille Grut

We work continously to reduce our negative impact on the environment as well as to strenghten our positive contributions for sustainable growth. Our vision is to create a healthy and sustainable work place and at the same time minimize our environmental footprints through renewable and green initiatives. We call these efforts ‘Purposeful growth’.

Ap 520 curtain track in a modern kitchen

AP 0520/ Bronze

At Stilling we are very conscious about our social and environmental responsibilities and we believe that we can be a driving force for positive change. As part of our work with sustainablee consumption and production, we have reached a milestone with the launch of our own label of responsible drapery hardware called SUSTAIN™.

AP 1100 curtian track in bedroom

AP 1100 / Black