Std. gliders

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Regardless of which installation task and curtain track, we have a glider that ensures perfect, quiet function. Our standard gliders for narrow track (4 mm) and wide track (6 mm) profiles are available in a multitude of colours and versions. We also offer roller gliders with plastic or rubber wheels and with ball bearings.

Please see the data sheet for the AP profile you need gliders for, to get our recommendation for the most optimal choices.

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MATERIAL: Nylon / recycled nylon/ silicone / PE
FOR TRACK WIDTH: 4 mm & 6 mm


PRODUCTION: Denmark, China, India


Our ambition is to eventually convert all our accessories from conventional to reused, or otherwise more responsible, materials. Therefore we have re-created our 4050 glider in 100 % recycled nylon in close liaison with Danish Thomsen plast, who alreaady produce most of our gliders. In time we hope to be able to offer all our gliders in reused materials.

Recycled material


Conventional material


The 100% recycled nylon we have used for the 4050S comes from a post-industrial source and has been tested by the Danish Technological Institute. 4050S is produced in Denmark and has been given our SUSTAIN™ label for curtain equipment in more responsible materials. Read more about SUSTAIN™ here.