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Where to buy

Our worldwide distribution is secured through a network of local distributors and retailers, who use our drapery hardware to create stunning drapery installations. Therefore, each of our retailers and distributors have been carefully selected to ensure the Stilling® experience, no matter where in the world.

We deliver to both commercial projects and private consumers around the world, and are happy to deliver for your project, no matter the size.



Fill out some details about your project and let us match you with the right Stilling® partner in your area.


    We welcome drapery hardware professionals from all over the world to retail or distribute the Stilling® brand. Our global supply chain ensures that we are able to supply you as a local retailer through one of our distributors, or set you up a a distributor for retailers.

    If you are interested in becoming either a retailer or a distributor of Stilling® products, please contact our sales department with your request. We strive to start evaluating your request as soon as possible and will contact you shortly after receiving it.