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Our responsibility


Compassion is an important focal point for Stilling. Our main focus is on people, and we have a great respect for our surroundings. Therefore, our DNA is first and foremost founded in presence, inclusiveness, mutual respect and commitment to the people we are in contact with –and to the world we are a part of.

We have a regenerative approach to our way of doing business. This must never be at the expense of neither people nor the planet. In other words, it is crucial for us to create value on more levels than just for our shareholders. We think that profit alone is a poor measure of success, and therefore we consider  the interests of nature and society when optimizing. We believe in giving back more than we take. We call it being grounded.

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As a company, we dare to step up and take a risk, and we are proud of that. We are pioneers who want a new way of running and being a company, a way that is more in harmony with what the world needs. We care enough to want to act – even before it is required of us.

But we also know that we are deeply dependent on others if we want to make a real difference. You could even say that we are insignificant without others. Our task is to contribute to creating connections that, in interaction with others, create a whole. You might say that we believe in wholes and the interconnectedness of everything.


We interact with experts from all over the world to create curtain equipment from materials based on the latest knowledge and technology. All our suppliers are subjected to follow our supplier code of conduct, which i.a. ensures transparency and decent conditions for all workers.

Explore our supply chain by clicking through our interactive map below.

Sweden, Poland, Spain, Turkey
Denmark, India, Italy, China, Spain, Germany, Taiwan
India, China, Spain, Taiwan, USA
Denmark, Italy, Sweden
Italy, Germany, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Austria
Spain, Germany
France, China


This means that in our products and solutions we aim to design spaces that people enjoy living in. And also, that we aim every day to create a diverse, inclusive workplace which is a safe community for everyone.


We wow to:

Be transparent in everything we do and create significant, measurable value for all our stakeholders.

Create a humane, purposeful workplace.

Pursue a regenerative business model, which leaves a positive legacy for posterity.

Take the lead and inspire, guide and help our ecosystem, so that together we can spread rings in the water.


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