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Updated 06-12-2022


We are always championing good, Danish craftsmanship which, through generations, has led our business from a small basement in Herlev to a company with exports all over the world. A success that is partly due to the fact that we always set the highest standards for our own work when we design and develop new products.

Therefore we are proud to introduce a lifetime guarantee on all profiles, gliders and other accessories that carry our SUSTAIN™ label.

In addition to minimizing our own impact on the planet when producing our products, high quality and longevity is one of the best ways in which we can help leave a positive mark.

Other tracks and accessories will continue with a 7-year warranty, while our deco rods have a 2-year warranty.

Stilling provides the following guarantee for production defects which will imply reduced functionality.

SUSTAIN™ branded profiles, gliders and accessories
Lifetime warranty

Tracks, gliders and accessories without SUSTAIN™ marking
7 year warranty

Motors and remote controls
5 year warranty

Deco rods & rails (including HORISONT)
2 year warranty

Custom colouring
2 year warranty

Exchange of the defective part(s) upon delivery. If a product breaks or does not work as expected, the product will be repaired free of charge by Stilling. The end user must always contact the dealer where the item is bought. The dealer will contact Stilling for further handling of the complaint.


  • Costs for removing or reinstalling products or installations, in ceilings, walls or otherwise.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses in relation to the repair.
  • Shipping costs for replacement/repairs of parts or whole tracks.
  • All consequential damages, including operating loss and product liability, in addition to what follows from mandatory legislation at the time of delivery.
  • Damage or repair costs or other expenses incurred by third party.

Stilling is not responsible for errors or losses that have occurred as a result of the following:

  • Incorrect installation of electricity and/or use of non-Stilling authorised electrical parts.
  • Mounting that does not follow Stilling’s instructions or good workmanship practice.
  • Failure or damage as a result of external influences, e.g. accidents, fire, electrical disturbances and overvoltage.
  • Operating errors. Including reversed adjustment in case of incorrect operation.
  • Improper cleaning. Use only mild detergents and never sulfo.
  • Wear, natural ageing, dust and dirt in tracks, parts and motor.

Note: When removing electric curtain tracks, remember to follow the user manual so the adjustment does not gets lost. This can damage the installation.

All inquiries must go through an authorized Stilling dealer. The dealer will evaluate how the complaint should be handled and order any necessary spare parts from Stilling.

The part being reclaimed must be carefully wrapped and sent to Stilling. State the product type, model number and serial number and describe the problem. Enter the invoice number and delivery date.

Stilling will ship the repaired or exchanged product as soon as possible.

Please note that we have a tolerance of +/- 5 mm when producing bespoke curtain tracks.