Wave glidere

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Stilling has developed the “Perfect Wave” system, which consists of curtain accessories that create the most beautiful wave curtains. An important part of this is of course the wave gliders, which ensure that all waves in the curtain are even and equal sized.

Our wave gliders for narrow track (4 mm) and wide track (6 mm) profiles are available with 6 and 8 cm between the gliders. It allows you to create perfect wave curtains, regardless of how wide the windows are. Please see the data sheet for the AP profile you need wave gliders for, to find our recommendation for the most optimal choices.

Download datasheet
Download datasheet
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DISTANCE: 6 cm and 8 cm spacing
LENGTH: 25 – 180 m


PRODUCTION: Germany, India, China


Our ambition is to eventually convert all our accessories from conventional to reused, or otherwise more responsible, materials. These changes will happen gradually over time, and we hope to be able to offer all our wave gliders in recycled versions soon.

Recycled plastic


Conventional plastic


Wave curtains are popular as never before and Stilling are experts in the field. In fact, our founder, Preben Stilling, came up with the idea of ​​gluing gliders on a string back in 1969. He called them “distance gliders”.

In the pictures here, our wave gliders are used with the AP 2001 profile in the sun room of designer Lone Monna. You can read more about her curtain solution, and about our Perfect Wave system, under Articleson this website.