AP 1905 Superellipse®

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The first Superellipse® shaped curtain track and also the first with a designated groove for our CURTAINLIGHT™ LED ligthing.
Created by Stilling in liason with heritage design brand Piet Hein. The track has a perfect functionality and a plethora of specially designed accessories.

AP 1905 is made from 75% recycled post -comsumer aluminum, and extruded using only renewable energy, making it part of our SUSTAIN™ portfolio.

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MATERIAL: Aluminium alloy 6060/T5-6
OPERATION: Hand drawn
EXT. DIMENSIONS: 44,0 mm x 29,0 mm
THICKNESS: 1,0-1,2 mm
LENGTH: 6000 mm
MAX. LOAD: 10-25 kg
BENDING: Not possible
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: 2,3 kg CO2e per kg (extrusion)



This profile will be extruded from recycled materials in Sweden from the next production run.
Until then, we will deplete our current stock of conventional profiles made in China. Expected
changeover Q3 2024


This profile is made from min. 75% recycled post -consumer waste. By mixing recycled aluminium with a smaller part of primary aluminium, we preserve the aluminium’s durability and flexibility.

Recycled aluminium


Conventional aluminium


The AP 1905 is one of our most beautiful curtain tracks, due to it’s unique, Superellipse® shape and the plethora of specially designed, colour matched accessories using the same design language throughout.

The track comes in five collection colours, matching the iconic Superellipse® table by Piet Hein.

The AP 1905 Superellipse® was first featured in a private residence in a brand new Copenhagen apartment.

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