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We aim to offer you the best product functionality with the smallets negative impact on the world as possible. Therefore transparency around material composition and origin are some of the latest actions we have taken to ensure consistent openness about our products.

Certainly all our products are subject to strict requirements of quality and environmental footprint, but we are constantly searching for new technologies and methods which can ensure that we continuously reduce our footprint. To reflect this effort, we have created a label for those of our products that meet our highest criteria. We call the label SUSTAIN™.

The SUSTAIN™ label is our way of showing that a given product meets our highest criteria for responsibility throughout all phases of the product; production, period of use and disposal.


To obtain the SUSTAIN™ label, the product must meet all the criteria below:

1) Be produced by min. 50% recycled material.

Recycled materials are the way to reduce the consumption of materials from the source and enable circularity.

2) Be at least as durable as an equivalent conventional product.

A product is not more environmentally friendly if it is made from recycled material, and at the same time has inferior functionality and a shorter lifespan.

3) Be composed of recyclable materials.

A SUSTAIN™ labeled product must be easy to dismantle and reuse. Must not contain fused materials that prevent recycling

4) Be produced and transported with minimized or otherwise improved energy consumption.

By producing more locally, we minimize the need for transport, while the energy used for production often constitutes a high proportion of the overall environmental footprint. SUSTAIN™ labeled products must therefore be produced with minimized or otherwise improved energy consumption, for example through a source reduction, switch to renewable energy or local production.

AP 2005 / Coastal Blue


Under the SUSTAIN brand, we have created a range of rails which are responsible versions of our market-leading classics. Currently, 13 profiles are being extruded in Sweden by Norsk Hydro using renewable energy. The rails are produced in Hydro CIRCAL® 75 R aluminium, consisting of a minimum of 75% post-consumer aluminum.

With CO2 emissions of only 2.3 kg per kg. aluminium extruded, the aluminium used for our CIRCAL® tracks emits arounds 73% less CO2 than the average primary aluminium consumed in Europe.* This results in a lower CO2 footprint.

CO2 emissions are record low: 2.3 kg. per kg. aluminum.

Hydro CIRCAL® 75R is DNV, GL and epd® certified.


The following rails are made in Hydro CIRCAL®:

AP 0520, AP 0689, AP 1005, AP 1100, AP 1170, AP 1200, AP 2001, AP 2005, AP 2690, AP 2668, AP 2694, AP 5408, AP 9001.

The production tool for several new profiles is currently under development at Norsk Hydro.


Our latest initiative in the SUSTAIN™ series is within our accessories program. New accessories have been designed in 100% recycled materials for our AP 2005 rail, in the limited edition colors Green Leaf and Coastal Blue from Jotun Lady.

Thus, we now offer the first complete curtain track made entirely and partially from recycled materials: a track made of Hydro CIRCAL® aluminium, as well as a bracket, a slider and an end cap made of 100% recycled nylon.

Brackets, end caps and sliders are made of nylon (Pehrsson PA6 eco100), which is 100% recycled. Produced in Lynge, Denmark, exclusively using renewable energy.


With the help of the SUSTAIN™ label, we make it easy to choose responsibly, right down to the detail. You get a product that is:

1) Produced from a minimum of 50% recycled material.
2) At least as durable as an equivalent conventional product.
3) Composed of recyclable and separable materials.
4) Produced and transported with minimized or otherwise improved energy consumption.

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