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The ZENITH™ blind


In 1949, Preben Stilling-Petersen founded our company, starting the production of aluminum blinds in his basement in Herlev. The business grew steadily, and over time, we expanded into curtain tracks and accessories, but our love for the classic blind remains deeply rooted in our DNA.

The ZENITH™ venetian blind was originally created over a decade ago when we set out to reimagine our original blind from 1949. The result was an architecturally designed, beautiful, and highly functional blind. With distinctive design, intuitive gearing, specialized cord locks, and color-matched aluminum tilt rods, ZENITH™ boasted several features that contributed to its success, establishing it as a classic in our portfolio.

Now, the ZENITH™ venetian blind is making a comeback with brand new color combinations and finishes, while preserving its original beautiful design and functional details.


The development of the ZENITH™ blind has been a close collaboration with designer Peter Møller-Jensen, partner at Møller-Jensen Innovation & Design, who comes from a family with a rich heritage in architecture and design.

Peter Møller-Jensen centered the design around the concave shape of the slats, which is repeated in all components, including the top and bottom rails, end caps, and the grip on the tilt rod. This ensures a beautiful, cohesive visual expression across all elements.

The curved design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. By matching the concave shape of the slats in the lower part of the headrail, the slats can be pulled closer together, reducing the amount of light when tilted. The result is a unique, beautiful blind with a Nordic, harmonious design.

Persiennen historie er også Stillings historie her aluminums persienne 1949

Our original venetian blind from 1949


The technology behind the ZENITH™ venetian blind has been developed continuously through decades to ensure that we offer the markets most ergonomic user-experience. The special 1:1 gearing means that the venetian slats tilt from open to closed with just one rotation of the tumble rod. The specially designed grips are made from a rubberized soft-touch material, ensuring a quality feel throughout.


The ZENITH™ venetian blind’s distinctive design is not pure aesthetics; it also supports a high degree of functionality. The concave shape of the headrail is not just an homage to the shape of the venetian slats,  it also allows the slats to be pulled closer together when the blind is open.


The collection contains 57 different colours and nuances, which can be matched freely with 8 different hardware colours to either create a perfect colour match or a beautiful combination of nuances. Our 25 mm slats all contain minimum 97% recycled aluminium, while our 35 mm slats are currently made from conventional aluminium.


When you order a ZENITH™ venetian blind, you can choose between two types of brackets. A hidden ‘click’ bracket or a stronger ‘twist’ bracket, which is able to carry heavier blinds and is ideal for mounting on e.g. doors that open and close.


Always made-to-measure

Specialdesignet snorlaas i ZENITH persiennen

Specially-designed flush cord lock

Elegant tumble rod in colour matched aluminium


With ZENITH™, you have the opportunity to create your own personalized blind by mixing colors for the headrail, bottom rail, and slats. Choose from a total of 57 different slat colors and 8 different colors for the headrail and bottom rail. Create a complete color match or beautiful combinations of colors, finishes, and metals.

Additionally, you can choose between two different slat widths, either 25 or 35 mm, offering different visual expressions. Our 25 mm slats are made of at least 97% recycled aluminum.


With the ZENITH™ blind, we return to our historical origins while leveraging the extensive experience we have gained over the years working with aluminum.

The blind is a timeless classic in sun shading, and with Zenith, you get a unique, elegant, and functional version with countless possibilities.