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Inspiration / Ambassadors / THE HOME OF BETTINA FÆRGEMAN


Photo: Pernille Greve/Contact Copenhagen


Until very recently Bettina Færgeman had no curtains – but Stilling changed that. And now Bettina feels like she is living in a entirely new apartment, where each room has its very own colour and personality.

In an old Copenhagen apartment from the 1830s, Bettina Færgeman lives with her husband Jakob and their cat Lotte. Bettina is a partner in the communication agency Replique , where she and  Jakob Hundborg, work with a plethora of design and lifestyle brands.

Portrait of Bettina Færgeman / Photo: Pernille Greve

AP 2500 / Red Violet


Bettina is used to both working and surrounding herself with beautiful design. Her own style is eclectic and she loves colours, textiles and ceramics. But despite her passion for textiles, she has lived without curtains in her apartment for 14 years.

– We just felt we did not need curtains because no one could look in from the outside. But seeing the window as a frame which adds depth to the room, and realising that a room can change it’s look completely with curtains …

– That you can curate your curtain rod and get a colour which corresponds with the rest of the interior…all that was something completely new to me, says Bettina.

AP 2500 / Emerald Green

AP 2500 / Red Violet & AP 0520 / White


Bettina used to be an office girl who always wore black clothes. Over time, however, her clothing style became more colourful which gradually influenced her home decor as well. Thus, colours on both curtain tracks and drapes was the perfect choice for her.

Bettina Færgeman chose the colours for her AP 0520 and AP 2500 tracks from Stilling and for her curtain fabric from Kvadrat in collaboration with curtain designer Arne Aksel.

– It was completely magical to work with Arne Aksel. Arne arrived at my house with a plethora of textiles and options and wild ideas.

– We ended up with four very different colours in the four rooms, but they are all connected. Because they tell the story of who I am.


– In the living room we have chosen a colour from a detail in a David Hockney painting. In the bedroom my red French lampshade has determined the colour of the curtain rod.

– In the dining room, it is the green lampshade on the lamp from Flos which has determined both the fabric and the colour of the curtain rod. Everything is connected.

– By the way, Arne taught me to paint over the electrical sockets, which is a great tip that I would like to pass on to everyone, laughs Bettina.


Bettina’s apartment from the 1830s is an old town house, which had horse stables and servants living in the back, and the bourgeoisie living in the front. When the lady of the house walked downstairs, the carriage would come out to pick her up and roll along on the cobblestone streets.

– Decorating the apartment with textiles, putting up curtains, feels to me like a return to the virtues of old.

– The curtains match the apartment perfectly and they tie the old and new design together. It’s a kind of storytelling, which I like a lot.

AP 2500 / Golden Yellow


Bettina has also been inspired to make several other changes to the apartment;

– For the first time ever, I have the same wall colour in every room, the delicate, light Yellow Cream from File under pop. Thus it is the colours of the curtains and curtain tracks, and not the wall colours, which rule the rooms.

But then I can not resist investing in more interior decor items which match these colours. For example a stool with a stripe in a colour that matches the curtain and a lamp which matches the stool…. it’s going to cost me a lot, Bettina says with a smile.

“I love ceramics and I love things which are not perfect, things which are unique. And I love things which “twerk” – like my butt-vase from Anissakermiche”.


– I work for Bjørn Wiinblad and love when old things get a new setting. It has also happened to my belongings now that I have put up the curtains.

– The special light and glow created by the curtain colours in each room, the cool and warm ambience that they create, has become a new backdrop for all my stuff. And this gives me the feeling of having a brand new apartment where each room has it’s own, very special DNA .

– That was a great surprise, Bettina Færgeman concludes.

We’re not the only ones who love Bettina Færgeman and her curtain solutions: Both Vogue Scandinavia, BoBedre and Alt Interiør have recently featured Bettina’s apartment.