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Inspiration / Collabs / Garde Hvalsøe showroom

Garde Hvalsøe showroom

Smuk stue hos Garde Hvalsøe

Photo: Maja Karen, Pernille Greve

The Garde Hvalsøe showroom in central Copenhagen has been revitalised by design duo Bunn Studio. The showroom is subtle yet striking, whilst celebrating the Garde Hvalsøe philosophy of high-quality craftsmanship. Garde Hvalsøe’s handcrafted furniture is based on Danish furniture, design, and architecture traditions. The collection of timeless designs forms the cornerstone of their bespoke luxury solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, interiors, and wardrobes.

Bunn Studio has mixed materials and colours, alongside the introduction of organic shapes for the space design. All framed by curtains on curtain tracks from Stilling.

HS 2000 Prestige / Burnished brass

HS 1515 gardinsksinne i Garde Hvalsø showroom
Gardiner med wave i køkkenet hos Garde Hvalsøe
Stilling HS 1515 skinne i chrome hos Garde Hvalsøe showroom
Gardiner med wave hos Garde Hvalsøe


In the kitchen area of the showroom, our square HS 1515 curtain track in the colour polished chrome complements the kitchen’s chrome extractor hood and metallic plate rack. This elegant ensemble is beautifully offset by the dark marble and stunning burgundy floors. In addition, the white sheer curtains filter the sunlight and create a beautiful, soft backdrop for the functional kitchen designs.


The curtains extend along the walls on both sides of the living and dining area serving as a serene white tapestry behind the wooden and natural-toned furniture. The soft shapes of the furniture are highlighted by the waves of the curtains, created with our “Perfect Wave” system.

Stilling HS 1515 skinne i Garde Hvalsøe showroom
Smuk stue hos Garde Hvalsøe


On one side of the living room area, the HS 1515 curtain track in Chrome suports the sheer white curtains. On the opposite wall, the same curtain and same curtain track is featured, but the HS 1515 is in the colour White. Here, the curtain serves as a room divider, discreetly concealing an office space.

Hvide HS 1515 skinner hos Garde Hvalsøe


In the bedroom, the Flagline Bed, designed by Bunn Studio for Garde Hvalsøe, is enveloped by alternating panels of brown and sand-coloured wool curtains. The curtains are draped on our round HS 2000 Prestige curtain tracks in burnished brass, creating a warm ambience and matching the curtains perfectly.

The curtain track not only forms a backdrop for the bed but also extends on each side, so that the curtains stretch along the walls. The bedroom and wardrobe is thus softly and elegantly draped in fabrics.

Stilling skinne i Garde Hvalsøe showroom
Garderoben hos Garde Hvalsøe med brunerede messing skinner fra Stiling
Soveværelset hos Garde Hvalsøe med brunerede messing skinner fra Stiling


The earthy tones are a recurring theme throughout Bunn Studio’s space design, creating a sense of grounding and tranquility. Garde Hvalsøe’s products are a tribute to the beauty of nature, expressed through the natural materials, meticulously transformed into timeless, elegant interior designs. And with the chosen curtains and curtain tracks, metals and colours unite beautifully in the Garde Hvalsøe showroom.

HS Prestige skinne hos Garde Hvalsøe