AP 1200

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The AP 1200S profile’s architectural look and strong “wings” make it ideal for professional tasks. AP 1200S is made from min. 75% recycled post-consumer aluminium and extruded using only renewable energy, making it part of our SUSTAIN™ portfolio.

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  • MATERIAL: Aluminium al loy 6060/T5-6
  • OPERATION: Hand drawn
  • EXT. DIMENSIONS: 17,40 mm x 15,20 mm
  • TRACK WIDTH: 6,0 mm
  • LENGTH: 6000 mm
  • MAX. LOAD: Up to 13,5 kg
  • BENDING RADIUS: Min. 10 (recommended)
  • ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: 2,3 kg CO2e per kg (extrusion)


  • EXTRUSION: Sweden
  • LACQUERING: Denmark
  • PROCESSING: Denmark


This profile is made from min. 75% recycled post -consumer waste. By mixing recycled aluminium with a smaller part of primary aluminium, we preserve the aluminium’s durability and flexibility.

Recycled aluminium


Conventional aluminium