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Photo: Stilling

At the Haaning Collection in Bagsværd, &Drape created the most beautiful backdrop for the exhibition in the unique car museum. The ripple fold fabrics on the AP 2500 and Glydea electric curtain tracks from Stilling, compliment the shiny metals and beautiful shapes in the rooms.

Take a tour of the Haaning Collection universe and enjoy both curtain design and a bit of the impressive car collection.

Photo: Emil Cnops Laursen / Stilling

AP 2500 / Anthracite


Erik Haaning’s car collection is the largest family-owned in Denmark, and also one of the oldest. The exhibition consists of a fine mix of regular as well as exclusive cars which illustrates the different periods throughout the history of cars. In other words, you will find cars which most people can relate to.

Haaning Collection is a fascinating cultural-historical backdrop that can be explored by people of all ages. You will find a cinema and a playground, a café and an orangery, esport SIM racing and a racetrack, event facilities as well as a car hotel and an office hotel.

AP 2500 / Silver

The museum will evoke memories for some and start conversations for most. The stunning curtain fabrics with ripple folds create a beautiful backdrop and become a sort of installation themselves.

We can only recommend a visit to this amazing place.

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