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Danish Crafts Association

AP 5001 curtaintrack at Håndværkerforeningen

Foto: Pernille Greve

In the historic Moltkes Palæ in Copenhagen, the Danish Crafts Association has had its headquarters since 1930. Nestled within the vibrant walls of the ground floor cafe, a masterful play of colour and texture unfolds, thanks to the innovative curtain designs by Living Art. Here, the cobalt blue walls serve not just as a backdrop but as a dynamic canvas that energizes the space. Yet, it is the bespoke curtain solutions that truly steal the show.


The impressive floor-to-ceiling curtains dominate the room with their grandeur and meticulous detail. The curtains are hung on custom-coloured blue AP 2001 curtain tracks that blend seamlessly with the surroundings, ensuring that they are as much a part of the decor as the textiles themselves. The alternating panels of textured, dark blue fabric and sumptuous velvet in burnt orange create a visual rhythm that resonates with the energy of the room. This choice of fabrics not only enhances the acoustic properties but also enriches the visual experience, making the space simultaneously inviting and stylish.

AP 5001/ Custom Blue

Stilling gardinskinner hos Håndværkerforeningen
AP 0521 gardinskinne fra Stilling hos Håndværkeforeningen


Above the bar at the Danish Crafts Association, the curtain design takes a subtler, yet equally striking turn. A long power track, which carries several Gubi Multi-Lite pendants, is ingeniously concealed by short, sheer wave curtains. These curtains, mounted on a custom-curved, white AP 0520 curtain track that spans the length of the bar, conceal the power track while softening the illumination. They also create a floating, ethereal feature, turning the area above the bar into a captivating focal point that complements the more grounded, dramatic tones of the floor-to-ceiling curtains.


The dual approach to curtain design at the Danish Crafts Association marries functionality with aesthetics. The robust, vibrant fabric panels provide privacy and sound management, crucial for the café and bar environment, while the delicate sheers above the bar play with light and space.

This thoughtful integration of colour, material, and bespoke curtain tracks highlights how curtains can do much more than cover a window; they can enhance an entire space, contributing significantly to its ambiance. At the Danish Crafts Association, every fold and hue of the curtains tells a story of craftsmanship and creative vision.

AP 0521 from Stilling at Håndværkerforeningen
AP 5001 curtaintrack at Håndværkerforeningen
AP 5001 from Stilling at Håndværkerforeningen