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Noyer Showroom

AP 2500 and AP 5001 in black at the Noyer Design showroom

Photo: Pernille Greve

Noyer is a Danish design company specializing in the creation of handmade, high-quality products crafted from American walnut wood. The choice of this material also inspired the company’s name, as “Noyer” translates to walnut in French [nojay].

The product catalogue features a diverse range, from decorative cutting boards to impressive conference tables. Within Noyer’s showroom, the striking walnut furniture is complemented by floor-length curtains from Danish Pagunette, elegantly mounted on our AP 2500 and AP 5001 curtain tracks.


For the windows facing the road, we’ve installed black AP 2500 tracks in two rows. One row supports light, off-white inner curtains, while the other carries thicker, sand-colored outer curtains. This dual-layer curtain setup provides complete control over daylight and sets the desired atmosphere in the room. The black curtain tracks not only contrast beautifully with the light fabrics but also seamlessly extend the aesthetic of the old black window frames.


In the center of the room, dense, moss-green curtains on the AP 5001 profile serve multiple purposes – acting as both room dividers and sound absorbers while adding a touch of aesthetic beauty. The black curtain tracks create a visually pleasing depth and frame the room, harmonizing with both the black 2500 rails, the window frames, and the black stone floor.


AP 2500/ Black

AP 2500 and AP 5001 in black at the Noyer Design showroom
AP 5001 curtain track in black at the Noyer Design showroom
Roomdivison on curtain tracks from Stilling at the Noyer showroom
Tow rows of the AP 2500 curtain track in black with white curtains
AP 2500 in black at the Noyer Design showroom
Detail from handcrafted chair in american walnut
Moss green woll curtains used as room dividers