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Inspiration / Collabs / SUMMERHOUSE


Skinne fra Stilling i sommerhus på Møn med tekstil af Vang Stensgaard

Photo: Contact Copenhagen

In a summerhouse on the Danish island of Møn (Moen), the surrounding wild nature is reflected on the stunning textiles from Vang Stensgaard and round curtain tracks from Stilling.

Møn is famous for its coastline with white chalk cliffs and beautiful wild nature. In this summer cottage the curtains with motifs of flora and fauna bring both the sun, sky and sea indoors. Vang Stensgaard have created the textiles and their fantastic scenery, which flows in sheer, free-hanging panels from floor to ceiling.


In the living room, the sky blue scenery curtains can be drawn on a 35 m long, round AP 9001 S track. The track runs flush along the 3 walls with panorama windows. The wave curtains are attached with our “curtain bugs” so the breeze from the open doors will not blow the fabric panels from one end of the room to the other.

The track is milled and bent so that it follows the shape of the room and it is mounted with our strong decorative fittings. It was cut on site to ensure an exact fit.


The owners of the summerhouse have chosen a textile with a slightly denser weave, in a deep, yellow colour for the bedroom. The fabric is called Easter Bell, Royal Pollen  and is again mounted on an AP 9001 S in the colour Off-white. The warm yellow colour creates a sensation of sun flooding the room – allyear round.

AP 9001 / Off White, Curtain: Blooming Hawk Summer Sky

AP 9001 i privat bolig
AP 9001 gardinskinner i privat bolig
AP 9001 i privat bolig med Vangstensgaard tekstil
AP 9001 i privat bolig på Møn
AP 9001 med tekstiler fra Vang Steensgaard
Rund skinne fra Stilling i off white
Rund skinne fra Stilling i  bolig på Møn
AP 9001 gardinskinne med decobeslag