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Inspiration / Collabs / ASTEP SHOWROOM


Valset AP 1121 skinne fra Stilling hos Astep showroom

Photo: Pernille Greve

For the design company Astep i in Copenhagen, we have custom-curved and bent several AP 1121 curtain tracks which have been used for highly creative and exceptionally functional room divisions.


The ceiling-mounted curtain tracks in the Astep showroom redefine the concept of room division. Several bent and milled curtain tracks, in combination with light textiles from Kvadrat, offer the opportunity to transform the space. They can be used to create small individual areas or to highlight and screen as needed.

The AP 1121 tracks are custom-coloured to match the ceiling. Along with their ceiling-mounted installation, this gives them a discreet appearance while still serving as small  surprising installations.


The gentle arcs of the tracks create a fluid design language that harmoniously combines aesthetics and functionality, providing a perfect backdrop for the exquisite Astep lighting designs on display in the showroom.

AP 1121 / Custom colouring, Textiles: Kvadrat

Rumdeling med valset AP 1121 skinne fra Stilling hos Astep showroom
Custome curved  AP 1121 curtain track from Stilling roomdivider at Astep showroom
Valset AP 1121 skinne fra Stilling hos Astep showroom
Rumdeling hos Astep showroom