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Inspiration / Collabs / THE FIDDLERY CLAYGROUND


Photo: Pernille Greve / Contact Copenhagen

The Fiddlery Clayground in Copenhagen uses curtains on tracks from Stilling as beautiful and functional room dividers.


The Fiddlery Clayground in Copenhagen is a clay and event house. In premises spanning almost 1,100 square meters, you get access to a number of creative workshops. Here, you can make your own pottery from scratch or paint on pre-made pottery while also exploring other crafts such as jewelry, painting, knitting and embroidery. But the huge area also calls for flexible roomdivision – and mounting curtain tracks was an obvious choice.


Our talented businesspartner botex Frederiksberg has created the curtain design at the Fiddlery Clayground chosing the AP 5001 track in Super Silver with ceiling supports in the same colour. The metallic track matches the raw look of the ceilings and the sand-coloured curtain fabric perfectly.


The AP 5001 is a strong profile which can carry everything from light curtains to heavy curtains and it is one of our most popular curtain tracks – also for room division, ceiling curtains and bathrooms.

The AP 5001 profile was originally designed for technical curtain solutions in hospitals and healthcare facilities, and the cabin rail therefore has a wide range of options for mounting, bending and miling, as well as a lot of specially designed accessories.

AP 5001 / Super Silver